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Professional Services
PGL is staffed by ICT professionals, with no out-sourced personnel. This not only means consistent and stable relationships, it means you have access to leading thinkers in modern ICT – dedicated to your business.
ICT infrastructures are now so complex that the notion of ‘plug and play’ products is now redundant. Businesses rely on interdependent systems which must work harmoniously.
PGL helps you to procure, configure and manage your ICT in such a way that each component is perfectly synchronised with other devices in your network. This means you have management time to spend running your business as opposed to running your technology.
PGL’s professional services include:
  Project Management & Consultancy 
Often, businesses feel they have to rely on overstretched internal resources to manage their ICT – a risky strategy. Consultancy is not an expensive luxury of blue-chip organisations. Sometimes it provides an essential 3rd party view of identifying what needs to be done.
PGL can work alongside your staff, or plan, implement and manage your business computing and communications on your behalf, achieving greater efficiencies, stability and dynamics for future growth. 
PGL’s Project Management and Consultancy services offer you:

  • Best practice change management – gaining the most value from your ICT.
  • Moving ICT to support strategic company goals.
  • Independence from vendors and other 3rd parties, allowing unbiased recommendations.
  • Work to an agreed schedule with minimal disruption to business.
  • Turnkey support where PGL can manage all other suppliers on your behalf – undertaking best value comparison.
  • Cost management.
  • Asset Management.
  • Backup strategies.
  • Risk Management.

PGL’s professional services offer you:
  • Increased budget efficiency
  • Flexible availability of skilled resources when needed
  • More effective service management
  • Reduce dependence on the skill sets of individual staff and their availability
  • Visible plans which identify, prioritise and manage potential risks
  • A complete, out-sourced ICT solution.
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