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Internet Service Provision
Many of our clients have faced the challenge of having to deal with ISP support services when their internet connections are down. As these services are frequently 3rd parties, problems can take far longer to resolve than necessary.
PGL are proud to offer you a new breed of ISP – O1NK – our own ISP service operated and maintained by us, with no 3rd party involvement.
Although offering bespoke and dedicated service, O1NK is not just geared to large corporate organisations. It isn’t expensive and offers the same functionality as major ISP providers – but with distinct advantages.
  Broadband services, including ADSL and leased line options
O1NK broadband opens up a world of possibility to businesses needing both rapid and secure internet communication between offices and customers.
Connecting remote offices is straightforward. Where setting up a virtual private network using ADSL via the internet presents a security risk, VPN via PGL’s own ADSL offers real peace of mind as it can work independently of the internet.
Plus – you can benefit from web hosting and email managed in the same way if you wish.

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