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O1NK - Our Own ISP.
From VPNs to dedicated servers... for ultimate online security
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Your Business Computing
PGL are an ideal partner to service the computing needs of small and large businesses alike, because we don’t apply standard solutions; we design systems and support around your precise needs.
Crucially – we look to get the best out of your existing network infrastructure rather than impose expensive ‘sticking plaster’ solutions that may or may not work with your current network.
Also, PGL can monitor and manage your network for you, an area that otherwise demands considerable investment of time.
Whether you need ad-hoc support to plug gaps in your own resources, or need a dependable partner to manage all your ICT, PGL can help make your business computing a valuable asset.
  Hardware Solutions
Desktop/laptop pcs
PGL are not ‘partners’ to any suppliers; this means we have complete freedom to offer you the correct branded hardware products to suit your needs and budget.
Just as importantly – we build pcs and servers to specification – so you don’t pay for functionality you won’t need.

Networks & Cabling
PGL install and configure all aspects of WAN, LAN and server-based networks. Our full network design service includes the physical environment of server design together with traffic management hardware such as hubs, routers and switches.
We construct a robust platform for your ICT, and with computer crime on the increase, we protect it with firewall and anti-virus technologies configured to keep your network secure from the inherent risks of an ‘always on’ environment.
Peripherals & Consumables
PGL offer you printers, scanners and print cartridges at excellent prices. We can also maintain your office machines on your behalf.

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