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How we work with you

Telephony tying you up in knots? Let PGL unravel things for you

Got the Blackberry Blues? We'll configure your email on the move

Business Computing - why pay for what you don't need?

O1NK - Our Own ISP.
From VPNs to dedicated servers... for ultimate online security
Contact any of our team
for a chat about getting the
most from your
ICT and telecoms
between the hours
of 9am and 5.30pm,
Monday to Friday:
0845 4318630,
or click here to give
us some background
before we contact you.

How we work with you.
Most people in business don’t just need technology specialists, they need good listeners.
At PGL, we listen first. We learn about your business, your processes and your people before combining ICT in the most effective way.
Your assigned team at PGL will know your business and your ICT; analysis and troubleshooting is quick and efficient. They will head off problems before they arise. And help you plan and implement your ICT in step with your goals.
Here are some other positive reasons to let us work with you
  We simplify choice
Breakthroughs in internet and mobile technology present as many challenges to a business as they do opportunities. It’s easy to make the wrong decisions.
PGL make the right choice on your behalf – choice based on the broadest knowledge of available technology, but just as importantly on knowledge of your business goals, operations and budgetary constraints.

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