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Your Mobile Office
Communications technology has reached a stage where for many having an HQ building is simply an expensive and unnecessary overhead.
PGL regularly creates virtual office environments for clients on the move or at diverse locations.
This infrastructure offers a complete serviced office environment with a difference: using PGL’s mobile office solutions, you can manage and co-ordinate your entire business operation in a single environment.
The benefits? Responsiveness and time-management transformed plus dramatically improved interaction with partners, customers and employees. Making things more streamlined and productive.
And – using PGL’s mobile office solutions you won’t need to replace your IT network infrastructure; we just link everything intelligently, as you need it.
  Mobile Data Communications
Traditionally, your mobile office capability will have depended on separate provision for broadband, PDA and ISP services; PGL bring all these elements together and manage them for you, taking in dedicated laptop email, Blackberry, PDA or datacard technology to enable controllable, company-wide communications.
Your staff can access CRM, email, and documents held on servers from remote locations, as well as utilising non-geographic telephony to enable better customer access. Wireless datacard technology makes home-working a realistic option for many businesses.

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